D-Day was a Weekend…part 2 – Friday

I had already booked an appointment for a massage after work on Friday.  My sister had given it to me as a Christmas gift, and after all the stress and shoveling I had done lately I thought it was a great time to book it.

I wasn’t about to cancel, so after work I went to my massage.

The kids were at my parents.  They knew my husband and I were going to talk later, so I arranged to pick them up after our conversation.

After my massage I headed home, where I knew my husband was waiting for me.

We went to get Chinese and brought it home to eat.

We sat at the kitchen table.

We ate.

In silence.

Until I said, “So what do you have to talk to me about?”.

He pushed his food around.  Dropped the fork on his plate.  And started to weep.

He is a hard, military man.  In nearly 20 years of being with him I can count the number of times I’ve seen him cry.

But, I’d never seen him cry this long or this hard.

Between sobs he finally said, “I messed up.”


“I cheated on you.”

“With who?”

“Does it matter?”

“It does to me.  With who?”

“With S. ”


“In May 2012.  It was after work one day when we all went to __(local bar)__.  I went back to her house afterwards.”

“How many times?”


I got upset…of course.  I said a few things.  Although I can’t remember exactly what.  Probably something about how could he do this, what was he thinking, etc…

He said he was fully responsible for his behavior.  And wanted me to know it had nothing to do with me.  He wanted me to know I had done nothing to cause this.  He simply hadn’t been thinking.

As he continued to cry, he asked, “Do you want a divorce?”.

About 5 years earlier my brother had cheated on his wife.  He ended up with a child out of that affair.  Since that day I had said many times that my sister-in-law was a saint for taking him back.  Because I wouldn’t.  If a man was going to cheat he deserved to be left.

But, as soon as I heard my husband ask “do you want a divorce?”, God spoke to my heart and said “David was a man after My heart (found in Acts 13:22)____(husband – I will refer to him as Hub)____will be also.  If you divorce him, you will miss a great blessing.”

So, I said “No.”  Immediately.

He told me he was going to contact a man from our church and ask to speak him the next day (Saturday) after he got off work.

After a few more tears he hugged me and left the house.

As strange as it sounds, I went to pick up our children and literally praised God all the way to my parents, thanking God for answering my prayers and letting the truth be revealed.  I was glad I wasn’t crazy.  He had been acting strange.  And now I knew why.


3 thoughts on “D-Day was a Weekend…part 2 – Friday

  1. I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. As a cheater myself, I take great comfort in knowing that David could recover from adultery and still be one of the heroes of the faith.

    (Just a friendly tip from someone who’s struggled with WordPress: when you’re ready to publish a story you’ve been writing for several days, copy and paste the draft into a new post. Otherwise your story looks like it was published on the date you started the draft, which buries it in people’s readers)


    1. Well Anonyman you’ll get your other shoe soon…hopefully tomorrow.

      I’m glad you mentioned that about David. I have wondered if cheaters (sorry to sound so flippant) – do find comfort in knowing he “recovered” and is known as a man of God.

      BTW – thanks for the WordPress tip! I’m such a newbie – I have no idea what I’m doing.

      I hope you are doing better today.


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