Have I Become Unreasonable?

Apparently I should start to write in the evenings because lately that is when something gets my head spinning.
This evening Hub came home from later than normal. In the past this would not have caused an uproar.   But, today is no longer that day, ladies and gentlemen.
He walked in the door about 15 mins later than usual.
He looked at me and said “what’s wrong?”
“Where ya been?”
“I stopped at the store.”  He held up the bag from the store.
“I didn’t know.”
“I didn’t either. I decided stop as I drove home.”
After a few minutes he said “do you think I’m hiding something? ”
“How would I know?”
“I didn’t do anything. ”
“I didn’t ask for paranoia to part of my daily life, but it is. And honestly I think I’m doing pretty good for only being 7 months in. What do you want from me?”
“When I come home don’t be mad like I did something wrong.”

Now, he didn’t yell.  This wasn’t heated.  But, obviously we are both frustrated.

Have I become an unreasonable person in all this?

And to top it off work is becoming a bit much. Some days I have looked forward to the escape from all the crap. But other days it’s a struggle to focus on my work. I love what I do, but lately I’ve really struggled to focus.

I don’t take meds.  I did try after he moved out but I had an allergic reaction so the doctor took me off and I said “I’ll do this naturally, thank you very much.”  But, maybe I should have tried something else. Maybe I’ve become unreasonable they would have kept me sane.


2 thoughts on “Have I Become Unreasonable?

  1. Nope not unreasonable at all. It’s only been 5 for us and he still texts where he is, when he gets home. Not that, that means a whole lot. I can text back I’m on the planet Saturn and I would only have my four babies to vouch for me where I am at all times. So I’m not sure all the accountability things are valid. But for him to get a bit frustrated? It’s warranted. I know, I know..

    But let’s just say he’s a faithful spouse now and he is truly trying to change his ways. How miserable he has made himself, his wife, his AP, his family, her family. Let’s say he’s trying his darndest to change and it’s been hard. (I’m not feeling sorry for him just looking at a WW point of view) So he stops at the store and he’s relaxing a bit. Just falling back into a safe place where his motives are not questioned and is hoping his wife will be home, that she is having a decent day and then Blam-O!

    it’s back in his face again what a horrible person he is by just stoping at the store. But poor, poor G.. things would have been smoother if he would have just called, hell even bought you something. However instead of getting all “Bitch Please!!” on his ass. I say this is a great time to learn what are Regen’s expectations and how G maybe getting a little too comfortable.

    I swear if marriage wasn’t hard enough, marriage with infidelity makes me want to run as far from the union as possible. But ahh.. our four blessings, and I do love the guy. I do.

    But you are not unreasonable and yes, it’s reasonable to have this shit still get to you at work. There are other meds to try. I’m not on any of them not because I think they are wrong. I just know they are not for me. I’d probably love the feeling too much anyway. I have a problem overdoing things.

    I’m pretty sure I would love me some happy pills or semi-happy pills WAY too much.

    I know it fucking cuts like a knife but I hope you talked to G and things have smoothed over about the store situation.

    Here’s to you Regen and seriously cut yourself some slack there is nothing reasonable when dealing with infidelity from what I’ve found ❤ ❤


    1. You’re right Nothate. Marriage is hard enough without adding to it. Adultery makes it near impossible.
      I’m sure it sucks for him to have someone freaking out about little stuff and feeling like you have report at all times. But, I didn’t do this. I didn’t ask for this. I don’t want to freak out about little stuff. I didn’t used to. I want to get back to the place of not freaking out all the time, but I don’t know if that’s reality or not.


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