The Questions Out Number the Answers

Will I ever know?  I mean, will I ever really know?  That he loves me.

Can I ever know?

We made love.

Less than a week later he was moved out.

A month later he was vacationing with his …”girlfriend”…if that’s what you call her.

So why did he make love to me?

Did he mean it?

Will I ever know if he loves me?

He told me out of the blue he wasn’t happy.

I thought things were fine.  Rough, but not bad by any means.  Our good days still out weighed the bad.

So, will I ever know?

He cheated on me 2 months after our 15th wedding anniversary.

We had just had a wonderful vacation.  Life was pretty close to perfect.

So, will I ever know?

How will I know he isn’t just messing with my head again?

How will I know he doesn’t have someone on the side again?

Will I always wonder if he’s being faithful?

Will I ever really know?

And if so, how will I know?

Either way…good or bad – how will I know?

I obviously didn’t know the lies from the truth…so how will I know the next time?  Oh my…next time…I hope there isn’t a next time.





2 thoughts on “The Questions Out Number the Answers

  1. WOW… a lot of questions, and I’ve asked myself every single one of them practically every day since D Day. I guess the answer is that we’ll never know and that pains me no end. I thought knew my husband so well, could read him like an open book yet found out that he was able to have this whole other life without me having a clue.

    Except it turns out the clues were there all along, he was that open book, he’d just changed the language! Well now I can read that too. So long as we stay speaking the same language I hope we’ll be fine, and if I notice the language changing I will call him out on it. I will not go this a second time!

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  2. Pablo’s wife nailed it. We were naive and trusting and blinded by our love and faith in our husbands. They broke that forever. The good out of that though, is we will recognize the signs quicker and will sadly, never ever be so naive again.


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