Too Much Love. Or Maybe It’s Not Enough.


A four letter word.  haha…  Sometimes it’s more of a 4-letter word than others.

But that one, very simple, short, word is both underused and overused.

I firmly believe that the word “love” isn’t said to children enough.  Or to our spouses enough.  Or to our parents enough.  Or siblings.  Or friends.

Yet these people, who have helped shape us in every possible way hear us declare our love for pizza, or a pair of boots, or a car…or a particular place.

So we exclaim to our children, spouse, or family, “oh, I love this shirt!”…and 3 hours later tell them “I love you.”


Do you really feel the same for that shirt as you do for that person?

Do you understand the word “love”?

Or do you not really mean “you love” that person?

The use of the word “love” bothered me to a small degree about a year ago.  But since D-day(s) it bothers me deeply.

The word love feels cold and impersonal towards me when I hear it coming from the lips of one who so “freely” loves pizza, a car, or a certain color.

Our world has become so calloused!

Now we don’t even blink when we hear the word “love”, or of a broken promise, or a broken family, or a broken heart.  Or Infidelity.  Or even Murder.

When was the last time you took it in?

A brutal stabbing in the city streets?  That’s someone’s husband.  Or daddy.  Or uncle.  Or son.  Precious to someone.  And they will never return home.

A family that is broken up because of adultery?  Broken hearted wife.  Husband.  Children.  Memories.  Gone.

“I love you”.  It should feel like a breath of fresh air on your face on a warm summer day.  It should be hope.  It should be a promise.  It should be loyalty.

When was the last time you took it all in?

The shade of pink on the roses you planted?  Who made them pink?  Who made them bloom?

The taste of the strawberry you put in your mouth?  Where did the sweetness come from?

The smell of the food cooking in the oven?  Who provided the food for you?  Who gave you the ability to smell it?  The ability to even cook it?

We’ve even become calloused to the good things God has done for us.

And why did He give us roses & strawberries?  And all the other good things we have?

Because He loves us.

And that is how we are called to love.




Giving everything we have.

Is a slice of pizza worth that?


But my family is.


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