Tough To Take

Over the past few months little things have been said here or there (or not said at all) that have been tough to take. My family (in particular my father) doesn’t care for my husband. My father says little things to me that make it apparent. On the other hand my siblings and mother don’t really speak of him at all. They all acknowledge him and are all polite to him, but when he’s not around he’s not spoken of or spoken of poorly. And yes, what my father says is true 99% of the time, but what am I supposed to do with his comments?  It’s a tough spot to be in. Sometimes I wish my husband knew how much respect people have lost for him.  Even if they don’t know about the affair they know he moved out and hurt me and the kids. And that’s enough for them.


4 thoughts on “Tough To Take

  1. I wrote somewhere – maybe in a post or maybe in a comment – that if you are dedicated to saving your marriage, you need to be listening to people who are on “team Surname”. You’re on team Surname, not team 15gen, and they need to be, too.

    The other thing is your family needs to recognize is that by disrespecting your husband, they are disrespecting you. You’re not blind to your husband’s faults, but you are trying to work through them. If they continue to run him down, they are essentially calling you a fool. They may not see it that way, but that’s what they’re doing and it obviously isn’t helping.

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    1. You’re absolutely correct. Because it does make me feel like I’m a fool. It plants that seed of doubt (which honestly is probably there most days still anyway). But no…it’s not helping. That’s for sure.


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