Push Out the Junk.

As I’ve mentioned before things at home are…eh…just ok. And maybe this is the phase we are in. I’m not sure.
We don’t really talk – he spends literally hours playing candy crush, skylanders, or some other meaningless game on his phone. Seriously,  it’s like being married to a 12 year. And when I’m having an off day or tell him how I’m feeling I get chastised for it. Had I had any idea when I told him I was willing to try to make this marriage work that I would be dealing with this months later I would have said “no deal”…but I digress.
I’ve got about 2 “good” weeks left before I hit the 4 months of terror I face. Really – the next 4 months scare the tar out of me.  My birthday,  Thanksgiving,  Christmas,  New Years, anniversary of D-day, and then Valentine’s Day and our anniversary immediately follow. Oy vey!!
So I started running again today. I remember how good I used to feel when I pushed my body. I remembered how I can push the junk out of my mind when I sweat. And it felt nice to hit the road again. I’m not a cold weather runner but I’m going to try it this winter to try to get through the junk.
I need to remember to breathe.


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