Quiet Heart

fall2014Happy National Caramel Apple Day!

I’ve been quiet over here the last week or so.  Sorry about that.

I actually took a few days off and got some work done around the house while the weather was still good.  It was great to get that monkey off my back!  I generally like a very tidy house, but to be honest I’ve been a horrible housekeeper this entire year.

I also took a day trip to enjoy the fall scenery and spent some time with the kiddos.

And I started working on my part of the women’s retreat.

Over all it has been a great week.

No major meltdowns or fights.  But no huge steps made toward progress either.

But it’s been calm and I got a lot accomplished.

However, today is a day I have had marked on my mental calendar for months.

I have always hated Halloween because of the horrible things people have been known to do on this date in particular.  It reminds me of the evil in this world. Ironically, this year it marks the calm before the storm for me.  I’ve dreaded the months of November – mid February.

Some days mentally, emotionally and spiritually resemble Halloween for those of us recovering from adultery.  We fight off  real life demons weekly, daily, or even hourly. For some those moments happen with a song, a smell, or even a place. For others, dates trigger those haunting moments.

Tomorrow is a new day.  A new battle.

Some days I think the battles will never be finished.

And I get overwhelmed.

But then I remember to slow down.

Take it one day at a time.

One battle at a time.

And one day when I look back I’ll see how far I’ve come.



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