Rhett Butler Take Over

Yesterday my Hub came home from work and was telling me about all the texts he received thanking him for his years of military service.

He specifically told me about 1 text he received from a woman. Which I appreciate.

Background: he and this woman grew up together and haven’t spoken in months.  Personally I wouldn’t trust this woman with my dog for a weekend because I think if she could somehow find a way to emotionally benefit she would do it…then tell the world you stole the dog from her upon your return.  Yeah…she’s…interesting.  But whatevs…

Back to story…

He said “J texted me.  Would you like to read it?”
I thought for a quick second and said “no.”
I said “no” because when I thought about it, Clark Gable’s famous line as Rhett Butler actually came to mind.

Later on that night when I was alone I got to thinking…”is that REALLY how I feel? And if so, is that a good thing.”

Either way, I kind of like the Rhett Butler take over.


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