Rhett Strikes Again

Each day I get a text from my Hub.  It’s usually about 3 hours in to the morning.   Just a quick “have a good day” kind of thing.  It’s usually a fairly brief exchange…about 5 mins.

I used to get excited when I would see he texted me.

Then when things got bad I would literally get nauseous around the time he sends me a text.

Then when he moved out I started keeping my phone off.  Even though he wasn’t texting me as much he did, he would still text me and to be honest I didn’t want to hear what he had to say nor did I want to say anything to him.  And if I was or wasn’t on his mind I certainly didn’t want to know it.

And since D-day I have actually run through all of these emotions all over again.

But today I was going through my day -same as every other day and my phone went off.

I had a text.

From my Hub.

Just like yesterday.

But this morning I had forgotten about him.

I wasn’t looking forward to his text.

I wasn’t dreading his text.

I forgot about him.

This whole recovery thing is so strange to me.

I’m experiencing emotions and thought and lack of emotions and thoughts I never thought possible.

Especially forgetting about my Hub.

Rhett Butler has invaded my body.


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