Journal Entry – January 26, 2015

This journal entry was actually a prayer.


You know how I’ve been feeling lately – wondering if I’m desirable, as a woman.  I feel ugly, and like a cheap substitute.  Maybe it’s a normal phase at this time point.  But now this thing with Hub’s company moving many of the jobs from Stacey’s area to Hub’s area – it’s a lot!  Lord, I place this in Your hands.  But, I beg You to please keep Hub and Stacey completely apart.  I can’t deal with them being together.  Please God – keep them separated – and keep Hub where he is – that is the job the is best for our family.  Maybe even move Stacey completely.  I’m sorry I’m telling You what to do.  Please forgive me and do what’s best.  Your will be done.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen


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