Journal Entry – January 29, 2015

This morning my son was asking me about divorce.  I told him God permits divorce under the circumstance of one spouse having a boyfriend/girlfriend.  We talked about my brother a little bit and my son asked it that’s what was going on with him and I said although I can’t say for certain, it certainly does appear that is the case since he has moved out of the house and moved in with another woman.  And that this would be the second time (we know of) he has had a girlfriend while married.  I told my son when you get married you make a promise to God and the other person.  He said “you guys are keeping your promise”.  And I couldn’t say anything for a long time.  What was I supposed to say??  I finally said “I can’t speak for your dad, I am keeping my promise.  Yes.”  I then asked him what if he found out that his dad had broken his promise.  He said, “I would still love him, but he just didn’t make the right choice.”


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