Journal Entry #8 – January 30, 2015

I remember reading once that when a marriage deals with infidelity the couple is more likely to divorce if the wife had the affair.  Why?

Is it because:

  1. Men are less willing to try to work on the marriage and forgive?
  2. Women are more likely to be in love with their AP’s?  (Meaning they have calculated the risk vs reward and it’s now worth it the risk of losing their marriages?)

One thought on “Journal Entry #8 – January 30, 2015

  1. Probably a bit of both. As far as the second reason, I read a lot of books about infidelity and in every single story except one, the cheating husband was only interested in sex, while the cheating wife loved her AP. I had a hard relating to those books because my affair was almost entirely emotional. But I digress… My point is that married women who stray do seem to do so for love more often than men do.
    The first reason is complicated. If it’s true, then why is it true? Part of that might be because of reason number two. It may be harder for men to stay with a woman who is or was in love with another man, whereas women may find it easier to stay with a man who was “merely” thinking with his little head, as the saying goes. I think there’s also a sense in which a betrayed man’s masculinity is directly assaulted by an affair. Just as men are more likely to cheat for sexual reasons, they are probably more likely to feel that their wife cheated because they are sexually inadequate. There’s probably some cultural aspect as well – a double standard on infidelity.
    I don’t know. Those are my best guesses.


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