Affair Etiquette?

So, now that I’ve had a couple of days to think about the “gift” (dripping with sarcasm) I’ve received I’m wondering what the etiquette is in a situation like this?

Should the AP’s be contacted to say “hey, fyi you might want to get yourself checked for HPV”?

….Or is it every woman for herself?

Because here’s what happened:

Either S doesn’t have HPV.  Or she does have it and gave it to Hub.

If S gave HPV to Hub, then he gave it M.  If S doesn’t have HPV then Hub got it from M.  Either way M has HPV.

And thank you very much, now I do too.

So, back to my question.

Do we contact M and say “hey, dirty whore, you have HPV”?  Do we contact S and say “hey, dirty whore, you MIGHT have HPV”?  Or…do we let them keep spreading it around and I take care of myself and forget them?  I don’t want some other unsuspecting wife to get it because they are whoring around with ANOTHER married man and they are both too lazy/selfish/whorish/gross to get themselves checked out.

What’s your opinion?


9 thoughts on “Affair Etiquette?

  1. “Diseased Twat:

    You need to get a full STD panel and get yourself medicated before infecting another woman’s husband (and thusly, his wife) when you go on your next whoring spree. And make sure your hordes of future sex partners wear rubbers, every time. I know you won’t be honest and tell them that your vagina is diseased so maybe just tell them that you REALLY don’t want any unexpected pregnancies.”

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  2. Wow, that’s a rough one. I’d say, yes contact both and tell them to get tested. And if you are a wayward spouse reading this: Wear a damn condom!!!!

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  3. Always, always tell. You are not the only one. These two women and your husband could be responsible for cervical cancer in some unsuspecting wife. TELL, TELL, TELL!!!!

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  4. It used to be that once tested and positive, you were to give the names of the other parties. I always thought that would be a riot to get in the mail a you will test positive for……….

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  5. Ok – here’s what I guess I need to clarify – SMW I “know”. She’s the one who lives around the corner from me. She’s the one I’m not if she has it or not.
    However we do know that MC has it. And I may as well just say it for the sake of simplicity: MC lives in Maryland (several states away). Hub met her online playing poker and they began chatting on Kik, where her handle was “misticutie” (yes, because don’t all “cuties” treat their vagina like a playground?). He doesn’t know where exactly she lives in Maryland as they each drove to a mutual location, met up and headed on to Atlantic City from there. Anyway, everytime she has tried to contact him she has used a burner number, so we really have no way to contact her. She’s not on Facebook or anything like that. (Which makes me wonder is it because she has hordes of angry wives after her?)
    My other thought is, if you are screwing a married man (and both knew he was married), do you really have enough of a conscious to stop spreading diseases around??


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