Obituary of Myself

November 1976 – February 7, 2014

Born to two loving parents on a cold November day, and the oldest of 3 children, she always had a smile on her face.  She was told daily she had a beautiful smile or people would remark that every time they saw her she was smiling.

In March 1997 she married her high school sweetheart and she loved him through military deployments, unemployment, sick children and other hard times.

On February 7, 2014 her life burned before her and on that day the girl with the bright smile died.

She will be missed for her:

  • innocence
  • trusting nature
  • smile
  • happy
  • carefree
  • bubbly
  • optimistic
  • dreamer
  • loving

She had enjoyed feeling safe and knowing she was loved.  She liked feeling like she was the ‘only one’ to her husband.  She enjoyed feeling special and cherished.

I bury you, the woman I once knew and loved.

I celebrate your beauty and life.

Tomorrow I will wake up and find joy in the day.  Although the constant smile may never return, glimpses will be seen and that will remind every one of the light that burned deep inside.

I’ll never forget the woman you were – thank you for helping to make me who I am today.

“The very worst part of grief is that you can’t control it.  The best we can do is to try to let ourselves feel it when it comes.  And let it go when we can.” ~Grey’s Anatomy


5 thoughts on “Obituary of Myself

  1. Shared tears. Adultery is so destructive. I think how we as betrayed spouses change is yet another aspect to adultery that is hidden. It’s so good to read someone else’s articulation of how they feel and to recognise how spot on they are and how we are not on our own in this traumatic time. We lose our innocence when we lose our ignorance around adultery. There is no going back.

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    1. marriagerecovery – you are 100% correct. It is good to hear from other’s going through this so we know we aren’t alone. Because the truth is – we FEEL very alone. And for me it is so helpful to read the words of others going through this, because often times I don’t understand HOW I feel until I’ve read it…and then I think “BINGO! That’s it! That’s EXACTLY HOW I’m feeling!!” Many of your posts do that for me, so thank you. And please, keep writing.


  2. I hope all of you read Chump Lady blog. The people on that site are divorced. Either they were abandoned or left because of their terrible spouses. They don’t believe in reconciliation except in rare cases when the cheater is truly remorseful and NEVER gives his/her spouse cause to worry again. If you begin with her first post you will probably find your husbands somewhere in the responses. All cheaters appear to operate out of the same two or three handbooks.
    Good luck with your lives. I hope you find true joy at some point.


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