I had been depressed and frustrated.  So I wrote out the obituaries.  That was more cleansing than I ever would have imagined it to be!  Ever since I wrote them out I’ve felt tons better.  In fact, I haven’t even had a chance to bury them because it has rained every weekend for the last three weeks.  But, just writing them seems to be enough right now!!

Our weekend was great.

We have found our laughter again.

We’ve laughed from time to time in recent months.  But nothing like we did over the weekend.

We have started being silly together again.

I feel the walls coming down.

I feel the freedom to laugh with him again.  And when I laugh with him, more walls come down, and I feel more freedom to laugh.

We laughed this weekend like we haven’t laughed in over a year.  We were just being dumb together & that’s the best.

And after a weekend of laughter I found myself snuggling up to him last night.  Not wanting anything – just to be near him.  For the first time in over a year.

I think we’ve finally healed enough to laugh…and are laughing enough to heal.

Maybe laughter is the best medicine.

You just have to find that laughter again.



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