Affairs = Cancer

Let this be a warning to any husbands cheating on their wives.  (Or any wives cheating on their husbands.  OR anyone involved with a married person).

Do you want that on your head?  To give your wife cancer?

Let me explain in case you don’t understand.

Three years ago my husband cheated on me with S (a coworker).  I had ZERO idea.  Then, the end of 2013 – beginning of 2014 he cheated on me with M (a woman he met playing online poker).  He fessed up February 2014.  Before I allowed him to move back in with me & our children I made him get tested for STDs.  He did.  Test results came back clean.  He moved back in.  (We are working on restoring our marriage.)

March 2015 I went for a yearly Pap.  This one came back abnormal.  I tested positive for HPV – an STD that men CARRY from one woman to another (men do not get it, therefore it did not show up on his test).  This means a woman has had multiple sex partners and has this STD.

April 2015 I went for a cervical biopsy for the HPV (which my husband gave me).  It is unknown which whore passed this on to him (or should I say me?).  We will probably never know.  Nevertheless, I had a biopsy.  On my cervix.  This is not pleasant!  Really men…do you want your wife to have to go through this?  A biopsy?  If you are screwing someone else at least have the decency to leave your wife so she doesn’t end up with a disease!

May 2015 my biopsy results came back as precancerous.  Yes – precancerous.  HPV can either cause warts (doesn’t that sound lovely?) or cancer.  Yeah…which one do you hope to pass to your unsuspecting wife?

There are three levels of precancerous cells.  My level is actually Stage II (CIN2).  So this week I had cryocauterization done on my cervix.  It’s a freezing of the precancerous cells on my cervix.  Again – not pleasant!  After 2 days of cramping I will now have 3 weeks of unpleasant healing.  (Why couldn’t he just leave me before he decided to cheat on me?)   

Then at the end of that three weeks I get to go back for another test to see if the doctor was able to successfully remove all the precancerous cells.  If not we will have to try another procedure in hopes of stopping this before I go to Stage 1 Cervical Cancer.

Now…as if affair recovery isn’t difficult enough…let’s throw this in too.

Were the whores worth it?

Were they worth my health?  The endless poking, prodding, testing, waiting, more poking, prodding, testing, waiting…?  Were they worth hearing the words “precancer”?  Were they worth my time for testing & treatments?

Yes…we are recovering…yes we have good days now…but this makes me angry & sad.  I’m angry that I was never a concern and now I’m paying the price with my mental, emotional & physical health.  I’m both angry & sad that I have to try to forgive them all in the midst of this…when I really want to scream at them all.

I’m exhausted.  I’m so physically exhausted I can’t even emotionally process all this.

I feel broken…diseased…polluted.

Were the whores worth it?

If you’re cheating…is she worth it?



7 thoughts on “Affairs = Cancer

  1. I want to ‘like’ your blog post but it doesn’t feel appropriate. Awful news but damn right! The consequences of adultery are horrendous – having it lead to cancer is just devastating beyond belief. So sorry that you are having to endure this. Hoping that you will recover and go from strength to strength. A big virtual hug to you. Can you still have a glass of vino?

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