Crossing Paths…Again

Well it’s been two weeks since I had the precancerous cells removed.  One more week left of healing and then I will be retested to see if he got them all.  I’m feeling better physically now, so that’s good.

I don’t think I told you guys that on the day I had the precancerous cells removed I became THAT woman.  I was waiting for my appointment & was flipping through Facebook…and S’s picture came up as “people I might know”.  Are you serious right now??  If only Facebook knew how I know her and WHAT I know about her!  It said we have 7 mutual friends.  As I tried to see who our mutual friends are I accidentally sent her a friend request.  Honestly – it’s funny now…two weeks ago I was mortified!  I blocked her after that so I don’t have to see her horrible face again.

Graduation “season” has kicked off around here.  Two of the local high schools have already held ceremonies.  The rest of the area school will graduate this weekend.  My husband’s nephew will graduate this Friday.  From the same high school S’s daughter will also be graduating from.

Fun.  (Insert dripping sarcasm here) 

Can’t I block her in real life?

Why do our paths always seem to cross?

Although I was able to avoid S at one of the recognition events last fall, I’m pretty sure I won’t get that lucky Friday night.


Is it wrong that I secretly hope her daughter failed and won’t graduate so I don’t have to see her?  Cause I do a little bit.

But a small part of me also hopes I look stunning and S sees me and spends her evening boiling.

And another part of me hopes my husband spends his evening in a “protective stance” over me so she can see that love protects.  It doesn’t “bang” and run.

I also have a small fear she will come talk to us.  But then again knowing how she reacted after I screamed at her in public, I don’t think she has the nerve to do that.  But I do think her sister-in-law (who I’m near certain knows about the affair) will be stupid enough to do that.

Mind you, these aren’t the classiest people I’ve ever met.  Actually, the phrase “white trash” comes to mind.  And I don’t mean to stereotype, but seriously, if I tell you about a heavyset woman, early to mid forties, single mom, multiple cats, works in a factory, smokes, drives a truck, and likes to party while letting her teenage daughter do whatever she pleases…oh and by the way – happily sleeps with married men, what picture do you get in your head?  Probably not one of woman or mother of the year.  Talk about “affairing down”!  She and I could not be more opposite if we were born on different sides of the planet!

But I digress…

It would be so easy to go to that level.  But, I hope I can mentally prepare enough in the next few days to rise above it all and ignore them completely.  Whether they approach us or not.

It would be nice if I could enjoy the graduation without ever thinking of or noticing them.

But…this is the real world…and small town USA at that.


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