Weekend Recap

Graduation was Friday.

Here’s what happened.

At the request of my mother-in-law we arrived 1 hour before graduation.  Believe me.  This was over kill.  She said it would be crowded and we would need to get a seat.  They graduated 80 people.  From a public high school.  In the main gym.  Seriously – by time graduation started the gym was still half empty…but I digress…

So, we arrived an hour early, got our seats, and waited…and waited…and waited…

About a half hour before graduation S’s ex-sister-in-law/best friend (and I’m not even joking) came in and sat in the section to the right of me, but a couple of rows down.  So, I started to wonder if S was sitting down there too.  But, I couldn’t see anything because our sections were closest to the stage so they were filling up pretty quickly.

About 10 minutes before graduation I was looking at the band as they began to file in.  Something caught my eye in the doorway to the gym (just to the right of where the bad was).  It was S.

As the graduates marched in most had on nice dress shoes.  A few of the guys had on clean sneakers, but all looked very nice (from the mid-calf down anyway).  About 5 of the girls had on super tall spiked heels and I was impressed no one fell or broke their leg (like I would have done).  One girl had on heels and was miserable.  Side rant: ladies – in case you always wondered – if you are wearing uncomfortable shoes but think you look cute, you are wrong.  You look ridiculous.  We can all tell you are miserable.  Face facts and change your shoes.  End rant.  Another girl…oh my…a certain female swine puppet came to mind.  You know how her feet look like they are CRAMMED in to her shoes and bulge over?  Yeah…this girl.  Clearly another one that should have faced facts and changed her shoes.  Anyway…

As graduation drug on (80 kids – really…should it have taken nearly an hour and a half?) I was looking at the crowd, parents & grandparents smiling, boyfriends and girlfriends starry-eyed, younger siblings dreaming of taking over that bedroom…then I saw her.  S.  Sitting on the opposite side of the gym, directly across from me, but in the upper section.

Now why, if all your family was sitting in one section would you sit in the opposite section?  Just her & her new boyfriend, who by the way kind of looks sketchy.   You know how when you watch the news and a guy gets arrested for child porn or some other disgusting behavior, those guys tend to have that “off” look?  Yeah – like that.  And believe me – S is no treat, but seriously…this guy is at the bottom of the gene pool.

As the graduates walked across the stage I heard her daughter’s name called.  And lo & behold she was girl who reminded me of the female swine puppet feet.  Poor thing.  I actually feel bad for her.  I don’t know what kind of girl she is (she had no cords or special honors or awards listed) but I actually really felt bad for her at that moment.

When graduation was over S BOLTED out of the gym.  She was in the upper section & she somehow managed to beat us out of the school!

All our family went to a far area of the school, outside the building to take lots of photos with my husband’s nephew.  After we’d been taking photos and chatting for about 15 minutes guess who turns up the walkway?  Yep.  S and her ex-sister-in-law/best friend.

I turned my head to watch my nephew pose for photos, but I could also see their reflections in the glass doors.  As she walked toward our family she saw us, then turned her head to look straight ahead, and as she passed our family she turned her head and watched us for several steps.  No dirty look.  Just watching.  I wonder what was going through her head?

I actually felt pretty calm.  What was she going to do?  Nothing.

I found out today they are doing away with her shift starting in 1 week.  So she will either move to my husband’s or the other one.  It’s a 50/50 shot.  My husband’s shift is the desirable one.  But, I don’t know what she will pick.  And really, my thought was. “I don’t even care anymore”.  I’m not sure what I don’t care about, but that’s what popped in to my head when hubby told me.

I’m scheduled to go back to the doctor today for a follow-up and I assume a retest since removing the precancerous cells three weeks ago.

Someday this affair won’t run my calendar…or my health (physical, mental or emotional).  Someday this will all be history.  That day can’t come soon enough.


***Update: they had to reschedule my appointment for Friday.***


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