Some times Weird Stuff Hits Me

For some reason today I find myself thinking about the items purchased by my husband’s AP’s and with my husband’s AP’s.

I’m not sure why these items & details come to mind today, but they do.

I know sometime around May 2013 is when S invited my husband in to her home and they had sex.  I know they had sex on other occasions and went camping together after he temporarily moved in with her.  (I was stupid – let me say that right now.  I was stupid enough to believe his lies that he just needed to stay someplace while he figured out “what love is”.  I should have known she was the shelter for wayward husbands.  Had I known then that they were having sex I would have thrown his stuff out on her front lawn.) 

Later on that summer (after we had started counseling and he had moved back in), she bought my husband a superhero t-shirt.  Several people he worked with would chat on a group messaging app.  Each of them was assigned some sort of superhero name.  My husband has never been in to superheroes, so this seemed strange, but whatever – I went with it.  (Again…I sit here and shake my head.  I should have known.)  So, S bought him a shirt with his assigned superhero.  He wore it to work a few times.

One night I was going to take him dinner at work.  He informed me that S got him a milkshake from a diner, so I didn’t need to take him anything.  I still haven’t been able to go to that diner since he told me that.  Ugh.

Then came his birthday.  S bought him a superhero cupcake cake.  I was livid about that.  He texted me – asked me if green icing would turn his poop green.  I did receive mild enjoyment knowing that freaked him out briefly.

Why did she do all this?  She must have wanted something out of him.  A relationship – not just sex.  She must have thought if she showered him with a t-shirt, milkshake & cupcakes, he would leave his wife?!?!  I don’t know.  Or maybe she felt less whore-ish…more girlfriend-like??  Who knows.

The night I caught him messaging M, I called him to tell him I was done he told me neither S nor M meant anything to him.  I told him if they didn’t mean anything to him he should get rid of all reminders of them – including gifts.  He told me he didn’t have anything.  I reminded him of the superhero shirt from S.  He said he forgot about that and to dig through his dresser drawers (told me which one it was probably in) and throw the shirt away.  I threw it away before he even came to the house to talk to me that night.

I wonder if S knows her gift to my husband is in a landfill someplace.

(Do you think I could get a SuperWhore shirt made & throw it on her doorstep?  “S…SuperWHORE”.  Ok – now I’m being mean.)

The shirts my husband bought our children while he was vacationing with M will be donated in 2 weeks.  Hopefully some child can use them and they won’t bring torment to the new family.  They are boxed up and ready to go.  They have been for over a year.  I wasn’t able to make it to the donation/sale last fall – so here they go.  Hub has never asked why the kids don’t wear them anymore.

I wonder if M knows my children are off-limits.  Gifts she helped pick out will be donated to a needy child.

Why are these things bothering me today?

I wish I knew, friends.  Sometimes weird stuff hits me out of nowhere.



10 thoughts on “Some times Weird Stuff Hits Me

  1. Me too..
    Although if you want maybe we can go into the Tshirt making business and send superwhore Tshirts to all the cheaters for a price of course.
    But my therapist said calling him a whore was not okay because they never sold themselves for money so I said slut works

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  2. It’s like slug slime. The slug went ages ago but you can still see the slime. Get rid of it all. My husband used to wear thin leather bracelets. They were tied in a knot so once on they didn’t come off! The first or second day after D-day I found him cutting through them all. Of course I realised why. I screamed at the top of my voice and went ape shit. The realisation that he had fucked Pig Shit with these on filled me with dread and actually made me puke. Everything she has touched has been systematically removed. EXCEPT she had her arse in our two seater sports car! I made husband pay £200 for an executive valet!!!! His other car – sold and replaced. The butch also saw my car, she followed him whilst he was driving it. That’s gone – replaced. Bit by bit every bit of that slime has gone. Keep going, yours will eventually disappear. Pig Shit and her romantic idiocy – pathetic!

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  3. Same here – I got rid of anything and everything that had any connection to the affair, even remotely. I also changed all our music playlists and the TV shows we watch. My children, of their own accord, also threw away anything that he gave them from trips to see her. I got special satisfaction out of burning the pictures and throwing the ashes down the toilet. I didn’t even donate anything. Each thing was destroyed in some way. It did help in small ways to gain some ground here and there. Hope you are better…


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