I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this before, but maybe not.  And even if I have written about it before, I’m going to write about it again…because it’s what on my mind…and seriously this blog is more about me clearing my head than you reading astounding prose.

So…here it goes.

I’ve changed.

Since D-day I have changed.  And I can’t decide if that’s good or bad.  Maybe it’s a little bit of both.


My thought life.  I used to spend large chunks of my day thinking about Hub.  I missed him when we were apart.  I would get excited when it was almost time to see him.  I even missed him when he first moved out.  Then I grew to the point of feeling complete peace with our separation.  But when I would hear the sound of the garage door…ugh… I’d cringe and my stomach would knot.  He would enter that way when he came to pick up the kids or gather a few more items.  Would he want to talk?  Would he ignore me?  I never knew…and I dreaded it either way.

This past Monday I was off work.  He was at work.  He worked 3 hours later than usual.  That night he asked me if I had missed during the day.  And you know what?  I didn’t know how to answer.  Because I didn’t.  It’s not that I was glad he was gone and I was home.  It’s just that I didn’t even think about him during the course of the day.

Part of me is sad I don’t think of him or miss him when we are apart like I used to.  Am I sad because I think I should miss him but don’t?  Or am I sad because I miss that “head over heels” feeling about someone?  I don’t know.

Part of me is relieved I don’t think of him or miss him like used to.  Maybe it isn’t healthy to be that attached to someone.  Maybe I’m emotionally healthier now than I used to be.

Friends. During his second affair is when our friendship unraveled.  Prior to that we were best friends.  We did lots together and talked about everything.  We played games together.  We just enjoyed each others company.

I don’t talk to him as much now.  Is he my friend?  Yeah.  Is he my best friend?  No.  I no longer feel the desire to tell him everything.  And it’s not that I am trying to hide anything.  It’s just that I feel very quiet when I am with him.  More introverted I guess.  Maybe it’s that I’m not ready to share every detail of myself yet.  Maybe as I’ve aged over the past 2 years I have become quieter and it has nothing to do with his affairs.

Celebrations.   Birthdays, holidays…I used to love them all.  Decorations, food, photos, laughter, people…and lots of smiles.  Now…I don’t like them.  I don’t really hate them…I just don’t like them.  I don’t want to buy gifts, I don’t want to decorate, I don’t want do it…any of it.  It’s exhausting.  Can’t I just drink a cup of coffee, read a book & sit in sweats for every single special day (yes – essentially ignoring it)?

Trust.  I’m still trying to figure out what trust is exactly.  I trust my sister.  I don’t trust my brother.  I trust my parents.  I trust my children, but have explained to them that once they break that trust it will be gone.  I don’t trust my decision making abilities.  I do trust my gut more than I used to…but am afraid to put all my trust in “what my gut tells me”, knowing it could lead me down the wrong path.  I don’t distrust my husband.  But  neither do I trust him completely.  I realize that at any moment another affair is possible, so there is no sense in me checking his messages or phone records constantly.  I can never stop it if he wants it to happen.  I’ll just have to wait…and if it ever happens again, deal with it then.

On the flip side of trust is his trust in me.  Sometimes I get the sense he doesn’t trust me.  Maybe it’s because he knows how easy it was for him to cheat.  But, then again, shouldn’t he know what to look for in a cheater? But, maybe he just asks more questions of me in hopes of getting me to talk since I don’t offer up information.

Questions. I’ve heard many betrayed spouses say “the questions are endless”…and this is certainly true in my case.  From the beginning  I opted not to ask many questions  realizing I could never “unknow” any details and that knowledge could possibly feed my fears more than putting them to rest.  On the other hand I have had to fill in the gaps on my own.  In many cases I’ve had to create my own reality out of the little bits I do know.  That’s probably done me no favors.  And some days I wish I could go back in time and pepper him with questions, but then I realize the twisted mess that is my mind and think better of it.

One question has come up over these last few months though.  One question I would never ask Hub, but I will pose here:

How does it feel when you realize you have damaged the love of a good woman?

How does it feel to know your actions have permanently changed who she is?






10 thoughts on “Changed

  1. When my husband is gone, I miss him… or something that feels like it.

    When he's home, I often view him like a nuisance. I doubt whether everything he says and does is genuine or trumped up to throw me off him starting up with someone else.

    Is this any way to live? I can take it if it gets better… but will it?

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  2. This is so tragically beautiful.. We must be somehow cosmically-spiritually-divinely-connected on this life altering path after betrayal…

    As I read your post, tears streamed as I could write nearly the same answers, and ponder those very questions too frequently.



    Mind if I reblog?

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  3. I find that most men don’t care that they have damaged the love of a good woman. If they did, they wouldn’t cheat. They don’t care who you have become after betrayal. Loser was always the one I wanted to run to…even after I left him…but I got over it. I didn’t trust him and I didn’t believe anything he said. It’s good that you can still think of your H as a friend…but be careful. Remember…it’s the people you trust who betray you.

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  4. So why not ask him those questions? I’m thinking those are such good questions that I may ask my husband myself… thanks. Feel very similar with my husband as well.

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  5. The past is a different planet – they do things differently there! The change you speak of, I understand. Life changes us. There are remnants of what we had before the adultery but that’s all. Accepting this is a bitter pill to swallow but when you decide to stay – it’s all part of the turf. I can say that the change does eventually settle. It won’t always be such a battle 🙂

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  6. I know Charles misses how I loved him, he’s said he misses how I used to say kind things about him, I don’t say those things anymore, I don’t think them.
    I don’t miss Charles when he’s gone. I don’t really think of him and I wonder the same am I healthier this way? was I too obsessed before?
    But I miss feeling so passionately about someone. I don’t feel that way about Charles.
    I kiss him and it feels good, but reality it feels good to kiss someone and have sex, sex is great!

    Sometimes in finding myself and the love for me, I wonder is there really any room for him again? And does he ever want to leave? Is he the messed up one to stay?
    I don’t ask because I’m afraid I don’t care.
    I would be sad for my kids.. but we would make it.. I know we would..

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  7. Thank you so much for all of your posts. I saw this on a different website and I think it perfectly (and simply) illustrates what happens to the betrayed spouse.

    [image: Inline image 1]

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  8. Thank you!
    That question and what it implies is so profound. It is everywhere, either spoken or written or thought. An affirmative answer to acknowledge loss is what everyone wants to hear.
    For what it is worth…I feel the loss and I care!

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