Self-description Reveals More Than We Know

If I were to ask you to describe yourself in one word, what would that word be?

Now, if I told you the word you use to describe yourself would be printed on a T-shirt that you would wear in public, would you change your word?

Hang on to that thought…I’m going somewhere with this.

This morning I was scrolling through Facebook, which I admit I hate, but enjoy being able to see what my out-of-state relatives and friends are up to (*sigh*) so…I continue to get on each day.

Anyway, I was on Facebook and happened upon a picture of my husband’s AP#1.  I have blocked her, however, I cannot block everyone in this town…and of course she has managed to have a friend here and there (amazing – I know).  So, there she was with a couple other people.

What I noticed above everything else in that photo was her shirt that read “B!*** #1”.

I’ll be honest, my first thought was “wow, I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Anyone woman who willingly has sex with a married man is certainly a b!***.  At least she knows it & admits it!”

That thought quickly gave way to “how low class!  But then again, she is.  Who wears something like that?!?!  Obviously, she finds it funny, which makes it even more low class.  Just more proof he affaired down.”

Then, I actually began to feel sorry for her.

Perhaps she has never learned to think of others first, which is why she has sex with married men (or at least one married man).

Perhaps she has never learned to expect more of herself.

Perhaps she has never learned to view herself as more than just a “b!***”.

Because, although we shouldn’t think too highly of ourselves, ultimately how we view ourselves plays a part in how others begin to define us.

Perhaps she has never learned, that right or wrong, people will see how you present yourself and judge accordingly.

Perhaps she has never learned that when you present yourself wrapped in packaging that says “B!***”, people will treat you as such.

Perhaps she has never learned that when you willingly demean yourself with slanderous words people view you as having low class and poor character.

While I feel these are things that we should teach our daughters (and sons) at a young age, they are not lessons that are beyond our grasp as we grow older.  If she had a parent who did not instill these truths in her as a child, they are still lessons she could learn as an adult.

And although I believe someone in their 40’s could still learn these lessons, I believe it becomes more unlikely with each passing year.

So, she either has an unwillingness to learn these lessons or has an inability to learn these lessons.

To be unwilling to learn reveals laziness, stubbornness, and/or an arrogance that will handicap her for the rest of her life.

To be unable to learn is in itself a handicap.

Unwilling or unable.

Either way, her life will continue pour forth the very life which she pours in to it.

She is poison to her own life.

And herein enters my sorrow.

When someone (either knowingly or unknowingly) is their own poison, I find that sad.

Their life could have been so much more.








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