Stare Down

Friday I had a mentally taxing day at work.  Busy from the moment I walked in, until I walked out.  Nearly every day last week I ate lunch at my desk & was interrupted mid-bite.  Earlier in the week I received some news about government (I’ll keep my remarks to myself) changes to our industry, which will directly affect my job.

Needless to say, I was glad to walk out the door Friday afternoon for the weekend.

Oh.  But then.

I’ve mentioned before that S lives around the corner from me.  And in fact her mother lives just a few doors down from me.  So, I have the misfortune of seeing S much more often than I would like.

So, on my way home I drove past her mother’s house & there she was.  Getting out of her truck.

And she proceeded to stare me down.


Let me get this straight.  You willingly had sex with my husband (KNOWING full well he was married & we had just had a vacation to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary), and you want to stare me down?

Are you completely crazy?

What part of this “arrangement” confused you?

The fact that he was married?

That he would most likely regret having sex with you?

That he would choose his wife over you?

Ok.  Sure.  Stare me down.

It shows far more about you than you realize.

It shows you don’t regret your choice to nearly rip a family to shreds.  It shows you thought you would win, but didn’t.  It shows you have malice in your heart for the innocent.  It shows you are selfish, childish, weak, cold, and heartless.  It shows you are guilty of so much more.

Purity of heart and a genuine love is something you don’t possess.

I pity you.




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