Help for the Media Who Can’t Figure Me Out

I know what I’m about to post isn’t why I started this blog.  But remember, this blog is a place where I dump my feelings.  It’s where I vent.  So with that in mind…

Three days ago was the most….interesting, depressing, explosive election I have ever been a part of.

I dreaded voting.  I disliked ALL of my choices.

But, I walked in to that booth and I did it.

Before I walked in I knew who I was voting for.

I still didn’t like it.  But I had my reasons for my decision.

My decision had nothing to do with color, gender, words spoken, e-mails sent, age, health, marriages, gay, straight, political party, what religion they are, or what they wear.

You see I voted for both men and women, black and white, Republican and Democrat in this election.

As I watched the night unfold on the news stations I became increasingly irritated as they “reported” their findings.

The media drivel consisted of systematically categorizing and generalizing…labeling if you will: white men, white women, uneducated, educated, black men, black women…

As the days have gone on I have noticed these same labels are still somehow attached to me…and it’s only now that I realize these labels were slapped on me pre-election.

See, I am a white, college-educated woman.

Pre-election I was labeled as a Clinton supporter…because of those reasons.  From election night on I have been labeled as a Trump supporter…for those very same reasons (scratching your head yet?  I am.). However, now being a white, college-educated woman also makes me racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic (I’ll admit – I didn’t even know that word existed until this election)…and people don’t even know how I voted.

Since the media still seems confused as to which category I fit in, I’ve decided to help break it down for them and for anyone else who might be interested:

  • As I said before – when I walked in to the polling place I didn’t vote based on gender. However, I’ve now taken noticed that according the media, women are to always vote for women.  I did vote for women, as well as for men…now I know I’ve abandoned my sex by voting for any man at all – thanks for straightening that out for me.  I’ll keep that in mind.  PUKE.  What are we 12??  We aren’t some club that has to stick together just because we sit down to pee!
  • I also didn’t vote by color.  I voted for black and white both.
  • One common denominator ran throughout my voting choices this election: if it was a person who had ever been in government and had little to no achievements during their time in office it was time to give someone else a chance. I summed it up like this: the United States has been constipated. It was time to give it an enima and get the crap out of the way.
  • I voted based on what I would like to see happen with the Supreme Court.  Shocking thought, I realize – but sometimes it’s about more than the person behind the desk, but also about who they appoint to other positions.
  • I voted based on how I think issues regarding children should be handled.
  • I voted based on foreign relations.
  • I voted based on how I view homeland security and my growing concern over ISIS.
  • I voted based on trade and other economic issues.
  • I voted based on how I view guns and the 2nd Amendment.
  • I voted based on my support of the military.
  • I voted based on poverty issues.

In short, I voted based on being a middle-class, fully-employed outside the home, mom to kids, with bills to pay, trying to keep my heat on and food on my table, veteran for a husband, self.

Everyone I voted for didn’t get elected.  But, I gave it a try.  I tried to get status quo out of the way – because status quo isn’t working any more.

Some groups have money behind them, supporting them.  Their voices have been able to get louder because of the support.  I’ve been silenced through the years.  I have no group.  I have no money.  I have no backing.  I’m just me…middle class, white, college-educated me.

So…media Moguls here you go…you don’t have to dissect any longer – I spelled it out for you…

Except for one thing…

I still didn’t tell you who I voted for…I guess I don’t have to…you’ve figured that out all by yourselves…

or have you?

Oh – one side note to the media: when one of your anchors tells America that her friends are now “praying to black baby Jesus” you might want to warn her of one thing: Jesus isn’t a baby in a manger anymore – He’s a warrior – so you might want to get ready for His return.







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